Pool Fencing

Both style and elegance can be added to your property by installing frameless glass pool fencing.  Allowing unobstructed views and creating an almost invisible look, it will give a flow on effect retaining the outdoor feel and making the most of the outdoor scenery.  Consisting of 12mm clear strengthened glass set on stainless steel or aluminium spigots, frameless pool fencing is both durable and safe.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Works well in small spaces
  • Safe and long lasting
  • Wide variety of glass choices
  • Toughened glass
  • 100% guarantee


Glass balustrades can instantly rejuvenate exteriors and interiors at a surprisingly economical price.  Our custom glass applications offer strength, quality and safety and can maximise your property’s overall appeal by revitalising tired stairwells and outdoor entertaining areas.  Value and style can be added to your property with contemporary glass designs which open areas up and add space and light.  Our glass balustrades are:

  • Manufactured to the required Australian Safety Standards
  • Fully compliant with all building regulations
  • 100% guaranteed free of defects
  • Designed for maximum use and function
  • Covered by a life-time warranty when installed by us


We work closely with designers (yours or ours), architects and home owners on renovations and new builds to increase your property’s value with high quality glass balustrading.  We can maximise the potential of your property by refreshing tired stairwells, hallways and entrance halls to increase space, light and luxurious design.  Glass panels on your stairwell have the advantages of:

  • Being easy to clean
  • Omitting the problem of corroding frames
  • No metal corners for mildew to hide
  • Allowing more light into the stairwell
  • Having shatterproof tempered glass

Shower Screens

No matter whether you are updating an existing shower, building a new bathroom, or adding a glass screen above/around your bath, we can accommodate your requirements.  Glass shower screens can be designed to fit any style and match perfectly with the rest of your interior, with a wide variety of glass options available to choose from.  Some of the benefits of frameless glass shower screens are:

  • Works well in small spaces
  • Allow more light into the bath or shower area
  • Give the illusion of more space
  • No hard to clean tracks or build-up of mould
  • Last up to four times longer than a standard framed door
  • Shatterproof tempered glass which will not break in an accident

Depending on the application there is a variety of glass options such as etched glass to give the touch of elegance, a molded glass to provide a nice contemporary look with clean lines, or a clear glass to be a little more on the traditional side.

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